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Raised Garden Beds WA supply a wide range of Raised Garden Beds
in Perth and the Western Australian suburbs

Raised Garden Beds are sometimes called Planters or Earth Rings depending the application

Raised Garden Beds and Planters are generally used for vegatable gardens, flowers and any gardening application where it is desirable or necessary to have the garden off the ground. This is especially important when the gardener has back problems or accessability is an issue.

Earth Rings are generally used for lifting rainwater and storage tanks off the ground providing a gravity fed source of water or other stored liquids.


Round Planters

Product ID Diameter Height Soil Price
ROP965H 965mm 400mm 0.3m3 $183.00
ROP1110H 1110mm 400mm 0.4m3 $195.00
ROP1345H 1345mm 400mm 0.6m3 $223.00
ROP1630H 1630mm 400mm 0.9m3 $250.00
ROP1880H 1880mm 400mm 1.2m3 $279.00
ROP2330H 2330mm 400mm 1.7m3 $324.00
ROP2640H 2640mm 400mm 2.2m3 $358.00
ROP3450H 3450mm 400mm 3.7m3 $444.00
ROP965F 965mm 800mm 0.6m3 $244.00
ROP1110F 1110mm 800mm 0.8m3 $264.00
ROP1345F 1345mm 800mm 1.2m3 $307.00
ROP1630F 1630mm 800mm 1.8m3 $354.00
ROP1880F 1880mm 800mm 2.4m3 $399.00
ROP2330F 2330mm 800mm 3.4m3 $475.00
ROP2640F 2640mm 800mm 4.4m3 $529.00
ROP3450F 3450mm 800mm 7.4m3 $668.00


Round Planters

Product ID Length Width Height Soil Price
OBP 610H 1170mm 610mm 400mm 0.3m3 $184.00
OBP 8013H 1300mm 800mm 400mm 0.4m3 $242.00
OBP 8018H 1800mm 800mm 400mm 0.6m3 $274.00
OBP 8025H 2500mm 800mm 400mm 0.8m3 $327.00
OBP 8030H 3000mm 800mm 400mm 1m3 $370.00
OBP 1525H 2500mm 1500mm 400mm 1.5m3 $346.00
OBP 1530H 3000mm 1500mm 400mm 1.8m3 $377.00
OBP 610F 1170mm 610mm 800mm 0.6m3 $276.00
OBP 8013F 1300mm 800mm 800mm 0.8m3 $301.00
OBP 8018F 1800mm 800mm 800mm 1.2m3 $359.00
OBP 8025F 2500mm 800mm 800mm 1.6m3 $454.00
OBP 8030F 3000mm 800mm 800mm 2m3 $521.00
OBP 1525F 2500mm 1500mm 800mm 3m3 $485.00
OBP 1530F 3000mm 1500mm 800mm 3.6m3 $537.00


Round Planters

Product ID Length Width Height Soil Price
REP1010H 1000mm 1000mm 400mm 0.4m3 $203.00
REP1015H 1500mm 1000mm 400mm 0.6m3 $237.00
REP1020H 2000mm 1000mm 400mm 0.8m3 $270.00
REP1025H 2500mm 1000mm 400mm 1m3 $305.00
REP1030H 3000mm 1000mm 400mm 1.2m3 $339.00
REP1010F 1000mm 1000mm 800mm 0.8m3 $279.00
REP1015F 1500mm 1000mm 800mm 1.2m3 $334.00
REP1020F 2000mm 1000mm 800mm 1.6m3 $389.00
REP1025F 2500mm 1000mm 800mm 2m3 $444.00
REP1030F 3000mm 1000mm 800mm 2.4m3 $499.00
REP1515H 1500mm 1500mm 400mm 0.9m3 $270.00
REP1520H 2000mm 1500mm 400mm 1.2m3 $304.00
REP1525H 2500mm 1500mm 400mm 1.5m3 $339.00
REP1530H 3000mm 1500mm 400mm 1.8m3 $374.00
REP1515F 1500mm 1500mm 800mm 1.8m3 $389.00
REP1520F 2000mm 1500mm 800mm 2.4m3 $444.00
REP1525F 2500mm 1500mm 800mm 3m3 $499.00
REP1530F 3000mm 1500mm 800mm 3.6m3 $554.00

Available Colours For Steel Planters

Garden Bed Colour Guide


Round Planters

Product ID Length Width Height Price
PP-BT (Sides Only) 1720mm 720mm 365mm $190.00
PP-BT-B (Base Tray Only) 2000mm 990mm 120mm $70.00
PP-BT-WB (Complete - Sides and Base) 2000mm 990mm 365mm $260.00
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